Our Mission

Our mission answers the question, "Why are we here?" We are here to reach people for Christ and to make disciples. We believe in the reciprocal nature of our mission:  to make disciples...who make disciples...who make disciples.

Our vision answers the question, "How is the future different because we were here?" We believe God has placed Peninsula in Mooresville to make disciples who live biblical truth, build solid homes founded on God’s Word, and impact our community and world for Christ. We will inspire a life-changing walk with Christ through balanced teaching with quality programs in a welcoming family atmosphere that is community-focused and Christ-centered. 

Live Biblical Truth

We believe in the Bible. God’s Word is the final authority in our lives and the basis for what we teach and believe. We are committed to the application of the Bible in daily life through

in-depth study and balanced teaching.

Build Solid Homes

Through engaging programs and initiatives, we build generations of strong families empowered to discover and live out God’s purpose for their lives.  We are passionate about equipping the people of Peninsula to take part in the building of God’s Kingdom, and provide ongoing education and training related to living lives of impact for Christ.

Impact Our Community and World for Christ

We are committed to being a church that is constantly seeking ways it can serve its church body, community, and world in order to make an impact for Christ.  It’s our desire to actively participate in, and have an eternal impact on, our surrounding community and the world through specific, meaningful events and the outgoing Christ-centered lifestyle of our church body.