We desire for families to be prepared through whatever life stage you are walking. Whether you just welcomed a new baby into this world, dealing with the sensitivity of young hearts and purity, graduating or entering the workforce, or leaving a spiritual legacy for your children and grandchildren, Milestones is for you.

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  • Parent Dedication

    Parent Dedication is a special time during a Sunday worship service in which you publicly commit to parenting with the future faith of your child in mind. It is preceded by a Parent Dedication seminar where you will receive guidance on how to write a blessing for your child and be encouraged to begin to think about the discipleship process for your child. God designed the home as the primary place for faith to be nurtured. One way that Peninsula seeks to partner with you is by providing resources and events throughout your child’s spiritual journey. We call these Milestone events. Parent Dedication is the first Milestone event. It is also a time for the church to commit to walk alongside you as you point your child toward Christ. You will receive a gift called a Milestone Portfolio to archive Milestone events and spiritual celebrations, from birth to age eighteen. It is our prayer that Parent Dedication will be the starting point for creating a faith legacy for your child.

  • The Early Years

    There is never a better time to develop spiritual rhythms in our home than when our children are young. When our children were born, we committed to lead them to know and follow Christ. During the Early Years, we want to recognize opportunities we have with our children and leverage those times for family discipleship. Parenting through the Early Years is demanding and can at times feel like we are simply in survival mode. Through the Early Years Milestone Event, we want to help you develop a strategy that by God’s grace will move you out of nearly surviving and into a discipleship process that can begin early and continue throughout the time your children are in your home. 

  • First Day of School

    As children transition into the school years, life for the entire family changes. Whether parents choose public school, private school or home-school, the primary focus of their child’s day will be academics. Along with the transition to school comes the opportunity to be involved in sports and other extra-curricular activities. The choices you make for your children during this time can set the trajectory for your family priorities and how you spend your time. It is crucial that you choose to make discipling your children to love and follow Christ a priority above other pursuits. Peninsula wants to celebrate with you as your child enters school, and wants to walk beside you to help you maintain your family’s focus on Christ during this pivotal transition.

  • Preparing for Adolescence

    Welcome to great change! Your child is about to enter the journey to adulthood by way of climbing the mountain called adolescence. We want to help you navigate the many issues that your preteen is facing...body changes, influence of media, personal identity, healthy relationships and more. And we want to help you set your children up to remain pure through it all. At Peninsula, we desire to take a holistic approach to purity in all of life according to Scripture. A commitment to physical purity is only part of the story. The Preparing for Adolescence Milestone is about guiding your preteen along the path that God has laid for them. This Milestone includes a parent seminar where we will equip and encourage parents to intentionally prepare their children to enter the teen years, including sexual purity.

  • License to Drive

    The passage from childhood into adulthood is a significant event. Biblically, we must equip our children to become men and women of God. Age sixteen is a significant time of freedom in our culture. License to Drive is not about keys to the car; instead, it is about becoming a man or woman of God. At Peninsula, we want to equip you to disciple your teenager for adulthood. Topics such as spiritual gifts, the Biblical roles of men and women, spiritual disciplines, and service in the church are a part of discipling your teenager to become a lifelong follower of Christ. We want to equip you to foster those traits in your teenager and to host a very special “rite of passage” ceremony as your teen enters his or her 16th year of life. A “rite of passage” ceremony is a special event signifying a transition from one stage to another. This is conducted by you for your teenager and is an ideal time to affirm and help your teen anticipate and prepare to accept God’s plan for the future.

  • Launch

    Whether your son or daughter is going off to college, joining the military or entering the workforce, you can be intentional about successfully launching them into a God-honoring life. The Launch Milestone is a culmination of the years poured into your child as you have led them down a path of following Christ. This time is also a transition for parents. The relationship with your son or daughter must change to a loving mentor and advisor. He or she will soon live on his or her own and make decisions without your direct input. This Milestone is about high school seniors wrestling with their calling in life. The Launch Milestone includes a “What’s Next?” Senior Retreat where high school seniors will attend a two day retreat lead by Pastor Daniel; A Launch Parent Seminar, where parents will be equipped to help their young adult make the transition out of their home; and Graduation Sunday, a special part of our Sunday worship service where high school graduates will be recognized before our church body. Our prayer is that this Milestone will mobilize high school graduates to reach their potential and continue to pursue an authentic faith in Jesus Christ. 

  • Young Adulthood

    As you transition from living under the direction and guidance of your parents to life in the “real world”, we want to help you stay focused on a life in Christ. The time between the teen years and the parenting years is a prime opportunity to serve Christ in unique ways. As a young adult, Peninsula wants to help you abide in Christ through this stage of life, to serve Him in our church and community and prepare you for having your own family.   

  • Legacy

    Nothing you can leave the next generation is more valuable than your spiritual legacy. Many senior adults and empty nesters have children and grandchildren who live close and spend a lot of time together, and others live many miles apart and face challenges in spending time with their family. With all of the opportunities and challenges that face empty nesters and senior adults, one of the greatest challenges is leaving a spiritual legacy with your own children and grandchildren as well as with other families that God brings into your life. Your gifts, time, fnances and other contributions to the next generation fnd their primary value when they are offered in the context of a spiritual heritage. Peninsula wants to walk beside you to encourage you to be very intentional about creating opportunities to nurture faith in younger generations and leave a spiritual legacy.