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At Peninsula we believe that God’s call to build solid homes, live Biblical truth, and impact our community and world for Christ begins in each home. We pray that the resources below will equip and encourage you to worship God and grow in your faith each week.

Summer Resources Now Available

We believe in the importance of partnering with families to encourage discipleship happening in our homes. One of the best resources for building ongoing discipleship opportunities during the week is our D6 devotionals. Each week our groups of every age study through the same passage of Scripture and D6 provides materials for all ages to follow up during the week. These resources will help you spend time in the Scriptures on your own and provide resources to talk through the Scriptures with your family. These resources are available in all of our groups this morning and in the Fellowship Hall. If you have any questions, Pastor Adam or Lisa Mauney would be happy to help!

D6 Curriculum Summer Semester Resources

Summer - June, July, August

You can download the D6 Family App (wherever you access Apps)

To access the digital content on the app:

1. Scroll to Digital Devotional Study Guides and tap on it

2. Select the Devotional Study Guide you want to access

3. Enter the code provided below and tap GO

(CODES for Summer are active June 4, 2022 - September 2, 2022)

Cuddle Time Bible Storybook (ages 1-4) – D6blue
Adventure Guide (grds K-2) – D6circle

Explorers Guide (grds 3-5) – D6mayo

Velocity (young teen/middle school) – D6peach

       Forward (high school) – D6hippo

       Brink (young adults) – D6spider

       Fusion Family (parents with children at home) – D6signal

       FusioNext (adults with grown children) – D6pine


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