Are We There Yet

Marriage is a journey. Whether you're just starting out or have been married for 50 years. Whether you feel like you have a great marriage or have a marriage that is struggling. Whatever situation you find yourself in, this event is for you. We will explore God's road map for healthy marriage and learn practical truths to help on the journey. 


Date Night - Discussion Questions

1.  What is your favorite memory of a time we have spent together?

2.  What have I done or said lately that has made you feel encouraged.

3.  What is one statement Pastor Daniel made at the marriage conference that stood out to you the most?

4.  How can we use the phrase “Are We There Yet?” to help protect our marriage?

5.  What is one step we could take to help us get to our destination of following God’s purpose for our marriage?

6.  How can we make reading scripture and praying a regular part of our week.

7.  Brainstorm an opportunity in the near future where we can serve together.


Take a few moments to pray together. Ask God to help you clearly understand where you are and where He wants you to be in your marriage.

Are We There Yet?  Notes

If you missed the marriage event or want to review the main points, you can find Pastor Daniel's notes below.